Hong Kong’s First 5G and 4K Live Streaming Online Charity Concert “5G syncs with the Power of Drums”


On the 13th of June 2020, the first 4K Live streaming online concert was successfully held. Titled "5G syncs with the Power of Drums”, it was co-organized by 3 Hong Kong and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO). HKCO’s young professional performers and artists from Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) encouraged Hong Kong people to stay strong while fundraising for Hong Kong Community Chest. The concert adopted 5G technology with 4K ultra high definition shooting and was live-streamed on the HERMES Live broadcast platform, the official social media platforms of 3HK, HKCO, as well as many others. As the 5G network gradually covers different regions of Hong Kong, this online concert demonstrated how 5G technology synergized with 4K live streaming can be used to integrate performing arts, marking a new milestone in the industry.


HERMES Live‘s professional technology brings a seamless, stable and vivid live experience to audiences 

TFI is honoured to have taken part in the first 4K live streaming online charity concert. By leveraging our HERMES Live easy-to-use "One Click Go Live" feature, we provided a stable, seamless and professional 4K live broadcast service. To maintain a coherent brand image, we further tailor-made a brand event page for 3 HK. Apart from social media, our proprietary HERMES Live broadcasting platform also supports streaming at 4K resolution, providing a true to life experience for our audiences. Furthermore, our HERMES Live platform also supports features such as Pay-Per-View, video playing, and private events, satisfying any enterprise's needs.


4K Livestream – a future trend for its wide application towards all industries

This event successfully demonstrated to the market a new business model that utilizes 5G networks with 4K live broadcasts. A business model that encourages 4K live streaming to be applied to more commercial events, entertainment shows, and master classes in the future to satisfy audiences’ rising demand for high video quality. With the Pay-Per-View feature powered by HERMES Live, it could develop as a new revenue model for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), Tutors, and other content providers, helping them broadcast 4K live content effortlessly.


3HK plans to develop 5G Live solution

During an interview, 3HK revealed interest to develop an ecosystem for 5G and 4K live broadcasting. This would bring more live, high-quality broadcasted content to the audience. We will work closely with 3HK to provide the broadcast market with our 4S vantage, high Stability, Security, Scalability, and Superiority live streaming service.


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